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IEC 3 Conductor Cords

5-15 / IEC Power Cords

5-15P / IEC320

Y.S. Tech U.S.A. has a large selection of power cords available. Below are just a few of the part numbers to help you locate your power cord. Complete cord details are available to the right in the resource area in printable PDF format.. The power cord PDF includes plug type, configuration, length of cord, color and other details. If you need help contact us for assistance.

Power Cords

3 Conductor Unshielded, PVC Jacketed Power Cord
EC-0420-1 EC-0448-3 EC-0421-1 EC-04222-2 EC-04222-3  
3 Conductor Shielded (Foil), PVC Jacketed Power Cords
EC-0423-2 EC-0423-3 EC-04224-2 EC-0425-3 EC-0426-2 EC-0426-3 EC-0427-2 EC-0427-3

Power Cord Section 2

5-15 P IEC 320 3 Conductor Power Cord
3 Conductor Detachable Shielded, PVC Jacketed Power Cord

3 Conductor Detachable UnShielded PVC Jacketed Power Cords
EC-0429-1 EC-0429-2 EC-0429-3 EC-04230-2 EC-0430-3 EC-0930-4
3 Conductor Detachable Shielded (Foil), PVC Jacketed Power Cords
EC-433-3 EC-0434-3 EC0435-3