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AC Fans

YS Tech USA - Customized AC Fan Design

AC Series Fans from Y.S. Tech USA Customized Axial Fan

Y.S Tech U.S.A.'s line of AC fans provides a broad range of AC fans and AC axial flow fans in several sizes with varying depths, from 25mm to 89mm. The performance range of YS Tech AC fans is suitable for most industries and applications. Custom AC fans are also available.

YS Tech's series of AC fans are made of durable die-cast aluminum housings with UL94VO rated thermoplastic (PBT). This means that our axial flow fans and cooling fans will last longer and perform better. All of our high quality AC fans are constructed with dual ball bearing systems to provide the best reliability for all applications. A sleeve bearing option is available for AC fans on request.

The following data is representative of our AC fans in general. For more details or for a custom AC fan or AC axial flow fan quote, please contact YS TECH or your local sales representative. We will help you develop an AC cooling fan that meets all your needs, including quality, specifications, and price. Please see the following pages for additional specifications on our various models of AC cooling fans.

80mm - 92mm AC Fans

120mm - 127mm AC Fans

160mm - 254mm AC Fans