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Engineering Section

In order to properly design the perfect thermal cooling solution we have addressed to the following to ensure the best solution is achieved.

5 Design Set-Up Questions

Design Guide, here are 5 steps to evaluating your application and identifying what you will need to achieve your thermal goals… Read more

Choosing Low Noise Solutions

Custom fans and value added assemblies are available from YS TECH. Full fabrication abilities… Read more

MTTF / Life Expectancy

MTTF Calculation data, the following data will explain how YS TECH processes and calculates reliability data… Read More

ROHs Compliance

YS TECH is committed to the global green initiative.
All of our products are ROHS… Read more

Fan Options & Conversion Charts

Fan options and conversation charts for
design assistance are available here … Read more

Sample Fan Application

Y.S. TECH has many years of experience working in both the North American and Read more