2014, the year that was – from CTfanman.

Hello Sales professionals, Happy New Year from CTfanman!

We hope your Holidays provided a time for rest and maybe even a look back at 2014 activities. That’s the focus of our Blog this time – what went on in 2014.

As you recall, we highlighted the three YS Tech cooling fan models which make excellent 1U chassis and FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) candidates: the 36x28mm, 38x28mm and the 40x28mm, all in the XYW series. These models are very high performance and really perform well against the cooling fan industry leaders! Be sure to review their specs in the new Product Guide.

We also discussed all the models receiving motor upgrades: the 120mm series, the 60x25mm model and the 40x20mm model, to name a few. Fact is, we will be upgrading many more models this year – which brings me to a very important point. And that is, because of these upgrades, whether primarily for performance improvements or component end-of-life reasons, we will be seeing many models being submitted to the UL examiners for their re-certification.

You experienced professionals will recognize that this [UL] activity will mean Part Number changes for all these models! YS Tech is committed to making this as painless as possible and will try to keep the base PN [the one on the fan label] the same as it’s been. We will add a suffix on a line directly under the base PN, designating the upgrade. In many cases, the upgrade will be to a Microcontroller – and that means, a new PCB design/layout and BOM (Bill Of Materials). While a little disruptive in the beginning, the new Microcontrollers will enable vastly improved capabilities and performance [as you saw with some of last year’s motor upgrades].

We plan on being able to give you guys heads up for the particular fan PN’s UL is revalidating – in that way you can discuss the situation with your customers and give them some visibility in the process, also.

If you have any questions drop me a line or give me a call and we can cover your particular situation.

Until next time …