40x20mm Fan Upgrade Offers Higher CFMs

I hope you cooling fan experts are ready for another home run from the Designers and Engineers from YS Tech! As you all know, the 40x20mm fan is typically used when the 40x28mm specs are not required, or there is a severe space restriction. Well, YS Tech has just greatly expanded your customer’s choices by “turbo charging” the HYW40x20mm series! Not only does the new design increase CFM by over 40%, but the Pressure figure has increased by a blistering 70%! And these are not just spec figures not meaning much. When compared to the leading Industry manufacturer’s models, the figures speak for themselves – take a look:


manufacturer RPM CFM Pressure dB(A)
New YS 40x20mm 19000 22.59 40.01 51.5
Sanyo 9Ga042 mdl 16000 14.8 32 47
Delta THA mdl 15600 20.56 35.16 52
Old YS 40x20mm 10000 12.0 11.5 37.5

You may not be wondering any more how the Engineers are able to make such great increases as this, so I’ll give you the abbreviated version. They are now using a microcontroller in this high output series – and as you guys know, this much of an increase in the RPM requires an entirely new rotor design. Of course there are numerous other minor changes, but those are the two largest ones.

I know what you’re thinking, so how does this mean more sales for me? I’m glad you “asked”. In review of the 40x28mm –S series, you will notice this new 40x20mm fan nicely compliments the 40×28 specs! For example, the 40x20mm has a little more CFM, but has less Pressure than the 40×28 – which may just be what one of your customers needs or would like, because the higher pressure of the 40×28 is not needed in their application. And, something which is always a plus – the 40x20mm high output series is quieter!

That’s our latest efforts to supply some of the best cooling technology solutions around. I hope you guys are as excited about the possibilities as I am. If you think some of your existing customers could benefit from this latest improvement, give me a call and we can discuss the possibilities. And, of course, these expanded specs will provide additional sales opportunities not available before!
Good hunting.