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  • A Discussion of Our Expanded 120 x 38mm Series Cooling Fans

    Exceptional selection of 120x38mm cooling fans from YS Tech USA.

    By CTfanman Nov 24th, 2015 Distribution & Representatives 0 Comments
  • YS Tech Discusses Cooling Fan Bearing Systems Offered.

    YS Tech offers three bearing systems: 2-Ball, Sleeve and the Sintetico II.

    By CTfanman Oct 29th, 2015 Distribution & Representatives,Tech Tips 0 Comments
  • YS Tech USA Announces Low Noise Model Cooling Fans.

    YS Tech offers SEVEN low noise models to choose from.

    By CTfanman Sep 29th, 2015 Distribution & Representatives,New Products 0 Comments
  • CTfanman does a Summer Recap and 4th Qtr Tips!

    Remember Mr. Bill on the original Saturday Night Live show? His favorite saying was: “Oh No!” .. then something dramatic … Continue reading “CTfanman does a Summer Recap and 4th Qtr Tips!”

    By CTfanman Aug 27th, 2015 YS Tech USA News 0 Comments
  • YS Tech USA keeping things cool as the weather heats up!

    YS Tech adds light industrial qualified cooling fans to it’s product line!

    By CTfanman Jul 22nd, 2015 YS Tech USA News 0 Comments
  • YS Tech USA announces the new EC Motor for light Industrial applications.

    YS Tech has announced their new EM Motor design with interchangeable impeller sizes.

    By CTfanman Jun 29th, 2015 New Products 1 Comments
  • YS Tech USA Introduces the Sintetico II Bearing System.

    YS Tech USA introduces the NEW Sintetico II bearing system and how it relates to IP qualifications.

    By CTfanman Jun 9th, 2015 New Products 1 Comments
  • YS Tech Engineering explains IP qualifications and shows their IP fans in action.

    By CTfanman Apr 16th, 2015 YS Tech USA News 1 Comments
  • YS Tech Thermal Solutions Div, offers EXTREME customer support!

    YS Tech Thermal Solutions Division capable of delivering turn-key thermal solutions to your customers.

    By CTfanman Mar 16th, 2015 Distribution & Representatives,YS Tech USA News 0 Comments
  • 2015 YS Tech activities with the new UL testing procedures.

    UL cooling fan Testing procedures to see dramatic changes in 2015.

    By CTfanman Feb 9th, 2015 YS Tech USA News 0 Comments
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