How to choose the right bearing system for fans

There are several bearings on the market today and it can be very confusing about what is the right type, cost, and reliability. The 3 most common types are ball bearing, Hybrid Sleeve, and standard Sleeve bearing.  We will take a quick look at the 3 designs and highlight their features.

Ball Bearings

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Ball bearing is normally viewed as the highest reliability solution and can be used in any application.   Ball bearings are made of Chromium Steel with miniature balls inside the race with shields to contain and protect them from contamination and retain the grease for lubrication. These design features enable mounting in various orientations and a service life of 75-80k hours.

Hybrid Bearings

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Hybrid bearings are upgraded Sintered bearings with design features that help it retain more lubrication and offer a service life of 40-50k hours.  YS TECH offers the SINTETICO bearing with added magnetic stabilization, enhanced oil retention, and improved bearing material that help overcome some design weaknesses the ball bearing products have.

Sleeve Bearings

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Sleeve bearings are a basic Sintered bearing offer 25-30k hours of reliability. These are low cost design options that are mounting sensitive and very cost competitive.

Why have so many different options? There are many different needs in the market today for various reliability, we offer options for you to get what you need and not pay for more than needed. If you have a device that only needs 5,000 hours of operation, why buy a fan that will support 10x that? YS TECH can help you navigate these design questions and provide data that will support your development. Picking the right bearing is particularly important in any mechanical product and can make your fan using experience good or bad, let us help you make good decisions! If you would like to learn more, please reach out for information directly with us or your local representative.