Expanded Engineering capabilities in CA facility!

The Evolution of fan design and controls

YS TECH is continuing to invest in resources that will keep us on the forefront of fan engineering and move our product lines into the next generation of technological advancement.  This year YS TECH has invested in engineering resources, located here in Southern California, will help us improve current designs and look at what we can do in the future to help customers realize the full capabilities of new technology and how it can make the fans more intuitive in their applications.  The following features are some of the options now available:

  1. Board Voltage input ranges
  2. Start up features
    1. Soft Start with very low inrush current
    2. Start fan at any duty cycle when using PWM
    3. Delayed start for hot swappable applications
  3. Fan Speed
    1. Closed loop system enabling variable voltage input with constant rpm output
    2. Specific rpm profile can be built to voltage input
  4. Tach options
    1. Square wave signal can be fixed to lock high for locked rotor condition
    2. Square wave signal can be fixed to lock low for locked rotor condition
  5. Alarm Option
    1. Low speed sensor, preset  the rpm threshold to trigger at set value
    2. Delay before alarm triggers
    3. Open Collector: low pass / high fail or reversed
  6. Speed control options
    1. Analog control: 0-5vdc or reverse
    2. Thermal control integrated into the fan
    3. PWM Control

                                          i.    Frequency range: 1Khz to 30Khz

                                         ii.    Linear from 0-100%

                                        iii.    Custom PWM profile, curves can be made to any request

                                        iv.    Tight tolerance of +/- 3% on PWM duty cycle.

Again these engineering services are available via our location here in the US. 


We have a full engineering lab and are making samples in house for customers now.  Programing and circuit validation are all completed on site then final performance validation and acoustic testing are followed up in Taiwan at our corporate headquarters. 

We want to promote these new and improved capabilities in all industries, especially within the Telecom and Power world, and show our customers what we can bring to the table and help them design the very best cooling solutions. 

If you have additional questions feel free to contact us and talk more about how we can engage. 

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