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Engineering Information

In order to properly design the perfect thermal cooling solution we have addressed to the following to ensure the best solution is achieved.

  • Sample Fan Application

    Y.S. TECH has many years of experience working in both the North American and

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  • Fan Options & Conversion Charts

    Fan options and conversation charts for
    design assistance are available here …

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  • ROHs Compliance

    YS TECH is committed to the global green initiative.
    All of our products are ROHS…

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  • MTTF / Life Expectancy

    MTTF Calculation data, the following data will explain how YS TECH processes and calculates reliability data…

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  • Choosing Low Noise Solutions

    Custom fans and value added assemblies are available from YS TECH. Full fabrication abilities…

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  • 5 Design Set-Up Questions

    Design Guide, here are 5 steps to evaluating your application and identifying what you will need to achieve your thermal goals…

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