A Discussion of Our Expanded 120 x 38mm Series Cooling Fans

As we approach the holidays, I wanted to provide you guys with an update of our 120x38mm fan models. We last discussed this series in the 2nd quarter of 2014, where we introduced the major motor redesign and upgrade for the entire series. You can review that Blog here: https://www.ystechusa.com/120mm-series-motor-upgrade/

Back then we were just getting started in the upgrading process, but have come a LONG WAY since then. Lets get started. You can bring up the website specs here: https://www.ystechusa.com/product-category/dc-fans-120mm/ for reference.

Knowing pricing is a major component of most cooling fan decisions, we will talk about the lowest priced models first!

The YW12038 is our most value-priced model (we’ll give this pricing one $). The series RPM starts at 2000 and ranges to 3000. Which, as you fan experts know is quite slow. And with that the dB (sound) rating is also very low, starting at 36dB(A). As a reference, remember that High School or college Library you had to be quiet in? Well, 36dB(A) wouldn’t even attract the attention of the Librarian! Also as you know, with slow speed comes low to medium CFM and Pressure. These fans are intended to be used where sound, price and minimal cooling requirements are the primary considerations.

Next we have the XYW12038-R series. This series offers low-medium pricing ($$) and REVERSE air flow. If, because of space and location requirements a reverse airflow fan is needed, that is where this series shines! Sound levels pick up below where the YW series left off, and range to still below the level of a normal conversation level (around 50dB(A). The RPM starts at 2800 and goes all the way up to 4500. CFM and Pressure range well over our old demarcation line of 120 CFM of years ago before the redesign started! If you need more CFM and over DOUBLE the Pressure of the YW model, this is the fan for your customers.

The XYW12038-S series is next. We are now getting into the realm of some serious cooling capabilities! Pricing is medium and receives ($$$). Because of the performance, sound levels start at ~ 60dB(A), which is at the normal speaking voice level. RPMs start at 5000 and go all the way to 9500! This provides CFM and Pressure ratings starting over the previous series and DOUBLES them! Like I said, serious cooling in tight spots.

Our last and most aggressive 120mm model is the XYW12038-P series. In order to do its job, this motor has been designed with 8-poles. And is a true work horse! Intended for the most severe cooling requirements, it receives ($$$$). Sound levels start well below the previous series high-end, but still below that noisy restaurant to go to and range up to the normal business office (~70dB(A)). RPM ranges start and end BELOW the previous series. But, CFM and Pressure are off the charts! If your customer requires a slower rotating, VERY high CFM and Pressure cooling fan, this is the model for them.

ALL these series utilize a 2-ball bearing system; offer voltages of 12V, 24V and 48V AND of course can be manufactured with a generous number of options (Suffix):

(blank) Transistor (5) Tach (11) Alarm low + Tach (16) Thermistor + VR
(1) Trans w/FG (6) Auto-restart (12) PWM (18) Therm + Alarm H L
(2) Alarm high  or Low (7) Thermistor (13) Thermistor + Alarm H (19) PWM + Therm
(3) Alarm low (8) Thermistor + Tach (14) PWM w/o FG (20) Vcc-PWM w/o FG
(4) Alarm high (10) Alarm high + Tach (15) Alarm high + PWM (21) Vcc-PWM w/FG

See your Product Guide (page 02) or give me a call for details.

Here’s the point: these four fan series are tailorable to your customer’s needs, and beyond that our factory is more than willing to provide other custom features, we just need to know what’s needed and the Engineers at the factory will do their best to provide exactly what’s required. One the other hand, if your customer does not really know what they need (happens more than you think), give me a call and I’ll get the factory involved to assist in choosing the appropriate series/fan model.