YS Tech USA – a little history

YS Tech USA – we are a Taiwan based cooling fan manufacturer with facilities in Taiwan and China. YS Tech USA was formed in 2001 when the President of the company saw the value of the YS Tech product line and knew he could successfully bring the YS Tech line to the North American continent. In the beginning the product line was rather basic, not to mention the fact that no one had heard of YS Tech. We were able to gain a foothold in the robust market by offering practical design experience as well as personal attention to each prospective customer. Since the beginning we have displayed a willingness to provide to the customer what was wanted, not just what we happened to manufacture. This philosophy has proven to be of great advantage to our customers and has enabled us to build the company and expand the product line into numerous industries.

My name is Charlie Taylor [‘stage’ name is CTfanman] and I am the National Sales manager for YS Tech USA. I have been with the company from the beginning. My fan experience was gained from an early age while working in a Distributorship, for what was then a pioneer in bringing off-shore cooling fan manufacturers to the North American market place. When I began I wasn’t sure if I even understood how those little fans were used or who might want them. But, it didn’t take long to realize they were [very] popular and in demand. That is when I decided to step out of my comfort zone in the office and go into the field to sell cooling solutions. It has been an interesting ‘ride’ since then. As I gained experience and successes in the industry, I guess the word “got around”; and that’s about the time the president of YS Tech USA called upon me to help build his organization. It has been a fun ride from the beginning with countless challenges, successes and some disappointments. Rest assured I will use all my experiences and technical abilities to assist you in solving whatever thermal problems you may be experiencing. We look forward to being on your team …


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