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x-ray of handDC fans provide higher energy efficiency, quieter operation, and less electromagnetic interference than AC fans. In the medical industry, DC fans provide an effective cooling solution for applications requiring minimal noise for patient and worker comfort, and a compact design for use in portable equipment.

Medical industry DC fans use variable airflow to dissipate heat to maintain optimal performance in a variety of portable medical equipment including:

DC Fans for Breathing Assist Equipment

A manufacturer of medical equipment needed to create a lightweight, compact machine with an outstanding battery life that was competitively priced. One of the biggest challenges their engineers faced in achieving these objectives was keeping the machine’s compressor cool enough to operate at peak performance, using a minimal amount of power.

Fortunately, we manufacture custom fans and blowers that far outperform off-the-shelf solutions. Using a computer simulation of their system, we produced an axial cooling fan that provided more than 17 CFM and at nearly an inch of static pressure while drawing less than two watts of power. Read more about this case study.

This is only one example of our ability to create customized medical industry DC fans. Contact our engineers to discuss your medical equipment cooling requirements.

Medical Industry DC Fans Provide Quiet and Efficient Cooling

Y.S. Tech U.S.A. manufactures high-efficiency, medical industry DC fans in a broad range of sizes and models to accommodate the needs of medical equipment cooling applications. Our fans are used in hospitals, clinics, and dental offices, as well as by the sports industry for portable medical equipment.

Small Medical Industry DC Fans provide low noise and airflow up to 14.0 CFM, depending on the size and model selected.

Medium Medical Industry DC Fans feature low noise parts and provide airflow up to 196.5 CFM, depending on the size and model selected.

Large Medical Industry DC Fans come in low noise and high-performance options and provide airflow up to 464.0 CFM, depending on the size and model selected.

Learn More About Our Customized Medical Industry DC Fans


We offer the option of customization for all our DC fans, including modifying lead wire length, adding brackets and other components, motor tuning, and modifying circuit designs. These are just a few examples of options. Our engineers will work with you to create a medical industry DC fan that meets your specific needs.

Contact us to learn more about using our medical industry DC fans in your portable devices and equipment.