CTfanman expands on the new Low-Noise models

We have previously announced and provided hints for our new Low-Noise models in development. You have received the Twitter Post showing dBa & CFM for them.

Information is still a little scarce on these new models, and I don’t [yet] have full specs for them, but I wanted to give you fan experts a heads up on the forthcoming PN’s that are going to be available. For example:

Model PN / family:

NYW04010012B/L and X/L/M/H: the “`12” is the probable voltage. The X/L is extra low and low speeds. And of course, the M/H is medium and high speeds.

If you suspect a forthcoming need for a different voltage, other than 12Vdc, you will want to give me a call as soon as you know!

YW04020012BX/L/H-N-6: the first model in development is the 12Vdc, H – speed model. See the Twitter Post of 16 October for dBa & CFM range. Although this is a newly designed motor and rotor, we are not designating it a “NYW” model because of PN conflicts. The “-N” designates the new motor/rotor design.

NYW05010012S/B and X/L/M/H: notice this model is planned to offer a sleeve bearing, designated by the [“S”].

I wanted to list these new part numbers in one place so you can become familiar with them, and keep them in mind when visiting your cooling fan customers

I cannot stress it enough,  if you guys suspect a customer will be working on a new design which uses any of the basic fan sizes above, but the voltage is not listed and / or you think a specific speed will be used, and you would like development on those specifics, sooner rather than later, please give me a call and let’s discuss it. YS Tech is frequently open to developing specific models before others because of a customer need.

Don’t be shy; we’d love to hear from you!

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