Automotive Industry Applications

Y.S. TECH has many years of experience working in both the North American and European Automotive Markets. Utilizing our core technologies of CFD simulations, Psycho-Acoustic Analysis, Multi-function control system, mechanical expertise, and overall system integration we are able to develop optimal cooling solutions for customers in one of many different applications. Telematics Systems(Navigation, Audio Amplifiers, DVD and Head units), Seat heating and cooling, Hybrid Driving System (Fuel Cell-Gasoline), LED lighting and more are just a few of the applications Y.S. TECH can help solve thermal management problems. Our goal is to provide a cooling system that is unsurpassed in reliability, quality and performance giving the driver & passengers the most comfortable driving experience. Printable PDF Version

Advantages for Automotive Equipment Cooling

A. TS16949 Certificated

B. Wide Range Operating voltage

  • 4 1 6VDC at 12V Rated

C. Wide Range Operating Temperature

  • -40 90°C

D. Multi-Function Motor Controls

  • Thermostat control (NTC)
  • Redundancy protection design
  • Pulse Width Modulation control (PWM)
  • Customized design by program
  • PWM with NTC hybrid control

E. High Reliability

  • Over-Voltage Resistance during long term operation: DC27V/1 mm
  • Thermal Shock: -40-90°C, 1hr per Temp., Temp. Change in 30sec.
  • Mechanical Shock: Semi-wave, a = 500m/s2, óms, 10 times per direction
  • Vibration Test : 5Hz/0.00919 G2/Hz— 2000Hz/0.00146 G2/Hz, 25°C/i 2hrs

F. Customized Fan Design Service for Total Auto Equipment Cooling Solutions

Printable PDF Version

  • A Telematics System (Navigation, Head Unit )
  • B Multimedia Entertainment System
  • C Mobile Preferring
  • D Audio Amplifier and DC/AC Inverter
  • E Car Computers System
  • F Car Sear Heating and Cooling