Summer is starting AND a reminder of where to find more sales dollars!

Greetings YS Tech USA Reps and Disti’s. We hope you had an as restful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend as we did!

As you know, this time of year signals the beginning of summer and I wanted to focus on some items that can easily bring your sales figures out of the summer doldrums and keep them strong right into the fall.

To you long time readers some of this month’s Blog is going to sound familiar, but I wanted to remind you of the sales opportunities often overlooked … perhaps they are not as ‘sexy’ as the pure COOLING SOLUTIONS sell or even the single fan model sell. Nevertheless, they mean real sales dollars to the bottom line … so here we go:

  1. FIRST is the TERMINATED fan (see, I told you it would sound familiar!). As most of you know, our fans are, without many exceptions, ALWAYS terminated by someone. A few customers still terminate their own, but by-in-large, our customers need completed fan ASSEMBLIES coming in the door. And THAT means more sales dollars for YOU. YS Tech can terminate them at the factory, or we can arrange to have it done at one of your strategically-located Value added Disti’s or resellers! All that’s needed is a drawing having: terminated length, connector housing used, contacts used and any other specific information needed to complete the assembly.
  2. SECOND is the fan power cord. Although most customers want the power and control wires to be permanently fixed to the fan. Every now and then, the customers want the fan power cord to be removable. Usually this is on a simple two conductor cord. In these cases, the fan has terminals which the power cord plugs into. YOU can sell them this cord, here’s some examples:
  1. THIRD is the fan guard or finger guard. (I know you’ve heard this from me before!). EVERY fan .. every-single-one, has a guard! Sometimes it’s incorporated into the sheet metal enclosure design, but often it’s an Engineering after thought – and turns out to be a separate item. YOU sell finger guards! Take a look: . YOU sell lots of different styles and lots of different sizes. Perhaps not ‘sexy’, but dollars are dollars!
  2. FOURTH, In an attempt to give the customer what he wants, AND in case your customer is in one of those, “we have to reduce our vender base”, modes, we have an extensive line of power cords. You know, that cord that ALWAYS runs from your customer’s “box” to the wall! You sell those too, look here: and here: . Confused about which style of ends need to be on the cord? Or the official name of the ends? Get clarification on our Tech Notes page:
  3. And finally, some of you Sales Engineers have taken the up sell to the next level and dragged in new business from some unlikely places. If you want to hear about some of these, give me a call and we can discuss how YS Tech makes YOU look good!

You guys have all my contact points …