YS Tech USA ANNOUNCES opening of New Cooling Fan factory!

Have I got some great news this month for all you expert Cooling Fan sales people … we are building a new factory in Taiwan that will increase our manufacturing output by 50%! If you’ve had difficulties with some of our deliveries, this is going to make a big difference. This new facility will supplement our  other Taiwan facility (which is in Kaohsiung).

map of Taiwan

Lets take a brief look at this facility:

First, it is in Tainan City – the oldest city on the island. It’s been referred to as, “Capitol City” for its over 200 year history. It is located on the Southwest corner of the island and has a very interesting feature in the city Map that locates Chimei Happiness Factory

.. something called, “Chimei Happiness Factory”! Which is down south by the Tainan airport. I don’t know what you might think, but having a “happy factory” in town has to be a good thing, right?

I don’t yet have the new factory’s address, so I don’t know how close we are to this other factory – more on that later perhaps. Some of the basic stuff about the new factory is:

A. It’s 90% complete  B. It’s 140,000SF  C. State of the art warehousing

Taiwan warehouse


Above is a view of the front gate. As you sales producers know, YS Tech USA sales have been good and growing! The automotive field has turned out to be our fastest growing market segment: audio, telematics, air fresheners, ventilation and sensors. These markets keep expanding and as all you new car drivers know, vehicles just keep getting more complicated and inclusive of every “do-dad” possible.

Here’s an elevated view of the new facility and a peek inside at some Taiwan warehouse

of the assembly lines . assembly line assembly line assembly line assembly line

Stay tuned, I have ANOTHER great announcement coming next month!