YS Tech USA Introduces a New Product Series, EYW08032012/24

This month we have a special treat for our sales people having server, storage and enclosure manufacturers in their areas!
As is typical for our Engineers, they seek-out the current industry leader in a market, identify those vendors’ product weaknesses and do their best to make improvement s as aggressively as possible. You will recall over the past few years we’ve developed many VERY high performance cooling fans for specific applications, and this month’s introduction is no different: Introducing our new 80x80x32mm, PN series: EYW08032012 & 24BL,M,H,S,M,U!

All you cooling fan experts are familiar with the YS part numbering convention where the last two numeric characters are the voltage, 12V and 24V, both are available in this model. Of course the ‘B’ signifies dual-ball bearings and the following alpha character is the speed: Low, Medium, High, Super high and Ultra high.

Lets take a look at how our fans compare to the leader. We’ll be looking at just the 12V models:12v models chart  server box

If your customer has a “tight enclosure” (high resistance to air flow), and they all seem to be, it’s clear the YS product will tolerate higher resistance, with nearly the same CMF figures as the competition. The server box shown (above right) provides an example where this size fan may be positioned in the enclosure.

So where are the customers who would benefit from using our new series? That would be any company manufacturing server enclosures of any flavor: cloud support applications, storage applications and most any other 2U enclosure having significant airflow resistance. If you are curious who we currently sell to, give me a call and we can discuss.

There you have it. Our latest NEW-RELEASE cooling fan series giving the competition a serious run for their money (and for their current customers)! Full specifications and samples are available.

Don’t be shy about calling me with any questions you may have. That’s what I’m here for.