CTfanman discusses new products and a new catalog

We sent out a Twitter post yesterday about the new –S series fan. And, as you probably recall, last week we hinted at other new products will be forthcoming, together with a new catalog.

This new fan technology been in development for a while and the designers are very pleased at the NEW performance levels achieved. One of the first new products we will be offering is the 92x25mm –S series fan. Take a look:

92x25 - S series2

The first thing you will probably notice is it looks much like the standard NYW 92×25 fan,  but in detailed comparison, you will notice the motor is larger. That’s because the motor was completely redesigned in order to obtain the required RPM and torque needed to spin at speeds unobtainable by the standard Xtreme series. Look at some of the preliminary specs:


You will notice the new –S models START just above where the Xtreme series ends!  Now that is a performance improvement! With the re-designed motor, you can also see how the fan blades were also improved because even though the CFM and Pressure are greater than before, the noise level is less. A difficult thing to do!

But, that’s not the only new models coming from YS Tech USA. Also improved for 2013 is the 40x10mm YW models. We don’t have a lot of specs from this new upgrade, yet, but what I can tell you is the top speed has been INCREASED from 7500 RPM to 8500 RPM. And brings a CFM increase from 8.1 to 9.2 at 37 dBa. As information becomes available, I’ll be sure to get it out to you guys to support all your sales activities.

Another very exciting development is the direct comparison to the industry leader’s model 40x28mm fan, where the YS Tech USA offering, in four of five comparison levels, supplies higher flow rate, higher pressure, lower power usage and lower noise level than the competition. Now, that’s a winner! We’ll detail that model another time. But, samples will be available shortly.

Lastly, and some of you may already know about this new model because it was developed for a particular customer and application, is the XYW03848012BH-S-5 model. Notice it is a 38×48 size. One of the few times you will see a fan that is longer than it is square! As you fan experts out there may have already guessed, this makes for a real PRESSURE winner in a small package. Good in applications with high air flow resistance and restricted space availability. We have preliminary specs on this model and samples are on order if you guys have a customer that may be able to take advantage of it’s unique attributes.

I’ll be providing more details on each of these models as they come in. Be sure to give me a call if you have any questions. BTW: the new catalog target date is June/July, 2013.

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