Professor CTfanman says … close your books and take out paper & pen … it’s a POP Quiz!

OK, OK … if you’re one of our road warriors, it’s not a good idea to actually do that, but here’s why I say it.

Remember last month’s Blog where we were reviewing … REMEMBER? … If you do, text me as soon as you read this, and the next time I’m in your area, I’ll buy you a beer! (but, not if you’re driving, pull over first!) …

Times up! As you remember we were talking about NEW business and where to find it to supplement your possibly lagging summer sales figures. Those four areas we reviewed may not have been the most exciting ones, so we’re going to ‘amp it up’ a bit this month!

Every now and then, I mention the fact the factory LIKES to support custom or semi-custom applications. Now, why do you think they like to do that? Partly because they are GOOD at it and … because it REALLY builds customer loyalty!

Case in point: one of our ace sales Engineer Reps brought in a requirement for a 40x28mm DC fan. I know what you’re thinking, so what, the YS Tech 40×28 (X-model) fan selection is large. Should be easy to choose an off-the-shelf model. But, no! The first item the customer focused on was operating temp. As you know, our fans spec at -10degC, usually. They needed -40degC. That was OK, for a little while, but then they wanted +80degC (176degF). We said, OK, we can do that too.

Then, the customer decided since the fan will be outside in the elements (not totally exposed, but in the air) and the environment will be exposed to sea air (you know, sea air, like in CA where the salt air tends to CORRODE about everything) there would be a need for a special bearing (not an IP requirement, but corrosion resistance).

And, since YS Tech does such a good job with PWM applications, the customer decided THAT would be a desirable feature also (not exactly custom, but not in the original scope of work).

Finally, of course the customer decided it was a good idea to receive a complete assembly in their back door, and chose to have the fan TERMINATED (Remember the FIRST item discussed last month?). We have the first order of 1000 pcs in hand.

If you’re thinking, “so what”, I’ve done that .. sort of (most orders follow a reasonably similar path) .. BUT not in TWO WEEKS! That’s right, we did this project from start to first quantity order in TWO WEEKS! Most competitive fan manufacturers will not / cannot respond this quickly!

Are you curious who the customer is? Maybe you have heard of them …  Ciena logo the network specialists! Do you think they are happy? Give me a call, we can discuss the details and how YS Tech can make it happen for you!