YS Tech USA releases new model series: QYW06015

Hello Representatives and distributors. It’s been a while since we’ve announced NEW PRODUCT releases (fact is, it’s been awhile since I wrote anything, I’ll try and improve on that!).

This month we will be introducing our NEW line of 60x60x15mm cooling fans. You might be thinking, with so many offerings in the market (including the extensive line we already have with the NYW models) why bother redesigning this old standby fan model. As they say: because it was time!

So what did we do in the redesign – upgrade, I’m glad you asked?  Just so I don’t make your eyes glaze-over, instead of covering all the minute Engineering changes, let’s look at the specifications and see the RESULTS of the work!

I’ve selected a representative model from the existing (NYW) line and will compare those specs to the upgraded models (QYW). Differences which you can communicate to your customers to get their attention!


Lets look at the NYW 2-Ball, Super Speed turning at 6000 RPM.

You’ll notice right off our new models do not beat or even match the NYW models in CFM or even Pressure .. BUT, and here’s the advantages:

  1. Notice the Current and Power figures. It’s not difficult to see the advantage of the new models – they are not quite half the requirements of the older models. And as a bonus, look at the noise level (dB(A). Five dB is a LARGE difference which is easily noticeable to your customer. But, that is not all of the “sound” difference.
  2. Our Engineers also paid close attention to the FREQUENCY of sound emanating from our new model cooling fans. Without getting into the details, the human ear is able to discern differences in perceived noise levels depending on the frequency and not just the ‘loudness’.

You have undoubtedly noticed the two QYW models with mostly identical specs. Why would we do that you’re wondering – because of the frequently prime motivator of your customer .. COST. Our Sintetico bearing is less expensive than the 2-Ball bearing system.

Are you wondering how the competition stacks up? It’s a give and take situation. We are better in some parameters and less so in others. There is not a clear winner. It just depends on what your designer is focusing on.

Be sure to get in touch if you have questions on this new model. And visit our new Website (www.ystechusa.com) for other forthcoming new product releases. We have lots more to come.