YS Tech USA releases high-performance QYW12025 models

This month we are featuring another NEW/redesigned DC cooling fan model, the QYW12025/12/24/48 volt.

In an attempt to simplify the discussion, I’ve removed a couple columns from the charts (operating voltage and P-Q curve). Also, the YW and QYW models are available in 24 & 48 Volt, besides the 12 Volt versions we will be discussing.

KM Model: rounding the lowest figure up to 17 dB(A) – that’s the same sound level INSIDE of an empty broadcast studio. Rustling leaves are noisier! These fans are ideal for desk top, light duty cooling applications.

YW model: let’s imagine your customer has essentially designed an oven disguised as a piece of electronic equipment. He needs airflow and lots of it and as low a noise figure as possible. That’s when you look at the YW models.

QYW model: you say your customer has designed 10 pounds into a 5 pound bag and now it’s so tight it’s difficult to push air through the enclosure! That’s when you look at the QYW models. They offer the highest pressure of the 25mm thick family.








Lets do a quick overview:  if quiet is the driving force, look at the KM models. If CFM is the needed, look at the YW models. But, if pressure is the most important requirement, then the new model QYW is what you should be looking at.

You experienced sales Engineers have probably already noticed another valuable asset this cooling fan family offers .. bearing selection! As you might imagine, dual ball bearings are expensive and if not needed they add cost. The KM models offer three types (dual ball, Sintetico and Sleeve bearings).

We have written about YS Tech bearings in the past. Go here for a refresher: https://www.ystechusa.com/sintetico-ii/

https://www.ystechusa.com/bearing-systems/ . Notice the LIFE figures for the KM model. The longevity requirements are also an important guide for bearing choice.

We’ve talked about various parameters of the whole family, but the key point I wanted to cover was the fact of the vastly improved pressure figures for the new model, the QYW12025! Full spects are available and will be on the YS Tech USA website shortly.