YS Tech USA Announces a Cooling Fan Model: the QYW9225

I hope you Sales Professionals are not getting tired of all the new product introductions! Because, this month we have another offering: the redesigned QYW9225 models, offered in 12V, 24V and 48V (as we offer for all the other models in the family).

This new offering is a bit different from last months (for example) because just comparing certain attributes between family members does not help identify the improvements. Let’s see if I can clarify:

If I get carried away with details, let me know!

If you have 92x25mm customers currently you have some familiarity with the family. The XYW models are the (until now) highest performance (CFM, Pressure and dB(A) stats) we offered. Other family models offer a good coverage of various parameters of course depending on the designer’s needs. But, now with the QYW models you can offer the cooling fan model having the highest STATIC PRESSURE figures coupled with the lowest dB(A)! How’d those YS Tech Engineers do that .. ?

As you notice the RPM is approximately TWICE the YW & NYW models and 30+% faster than the XYW model. That helps explain the best-in-family pressure figures, but how is the noise level less? (50.3 vs. 51.0 dB(A)). That would be the re-designed rotor. Although the improvement of 0.7 dB(A) doesn’t seem significant that’s NOT the whole story. The other component of the sound is QUALITY or pleasantness. The quality is dependent on the various harmonics generated by the rotating rotor/motor  – this subject can be taken to the level where your eyes start to bleed, so we won’t go any further! But, you can tell your designers the YS Tech engineers are very aware of sound quality and how to get the most pleasant sound from the new rotor. After all, equipment measurements are one thing, but how it is perceived by the customer frequently does a better sales job for you!

So let’s summarize: the new re-designed QYW9225 models provides the best pressure figures at the lowest sound levels AND offers lower power consumption figures than the XYW model.

What’s not to like? You can view the full model specs at: https://www.ystechusa.com/new-products/

If you would like some advice on what industries typically use the 9225mm fan, give me (or Mike) a call and we can share what we have found out.