YS Tech USA Introduces the Sintetico II Bearing System.

Now that you guys are a little familiar with the IP jargon (see April Blog: https://www.ystechusa.com/blog/). We’re going to look at the

Sintetico II bearing system and how it stands up to IP qualification testing.

Before we get into any details, I wanted to plant a seed with you cooling fan experts! This may have already occurred to some of you, but I’ll bet your first reaction to last month’s Blog may have been something along the lines of – all my customers make equipment that never even sees temperature extremes, let alone ANY amount of moisture. My point is, these YS Tech USA IP fans will open up new customers to you, which you may not have even considered before!

For example: military, aerospace, refrigeration, air purification, water purification and even dish washers! Some of these items may not be manufactured in the US anymore, but I’ll bet they are in Mexico. And buyers are frequently in the US.

You get the idea.

The Sintetico II IP fan has undergone some major design improvements, providing for even longer life primarily because of the focus on controlling the bearing lubricant. Keeping the oil controlled/confined to where it does the most good is no small feat. Tolerances and shaft stabilization methods had to be improved and tested. And, after that effort, then our Engineers had to work on protecting all this from dust and moisture! As you might expect – the introduction of foreign materials into the bearing system is one of the major cooling fan killers.

The Sintetico II uses a patented shaft-magnetic effect design to keep the fan shaft turning true – which makes controlling the lubricant possible. It also assists with the IP

Sintetico II cutaway1

portion of the fan in that it permits very tight tolerances for seals to keep out those nasty foreign particles and moisture.

If your curiosity has been peaked and you would like more details on the Sintetico AND competitors designs, attempting to do what the Sintetico II does, go here: http://tinyurl.com/pt3bq5r. This presentation is on our website under NEW PRODUCTS if you want to get to it that way.

We currently have the following Sintetico II bearing fans ready to go; the NYW04010 and the YW04020-N series! Also, in queue for upgrade are the; 4015, 5015, 6015 and 6020 sizes. You will notice I left off the specific series designation [NYW or YW]. If you believe one of the listed sizes will be needed in your area and you require a specific series, give me a call, we may be able to receive priority development scheduling from the factory!

So what’s the bottom line? We hope you sales professionals see the future as we do: higher quality, longer life from multiple bearing systems and a never-ending pursuit to push the envelope in cooling fan design will get and keep your customers satisfied and purchasing from YOU.

Don’t forget to utilize me and anyone else in the California office to assist in bringing in those NEW orders of yours!