CTfanman does a Summer Recap and 4th Qtr Tips!

Remember Mr. Bill on the original Saturday Night Live show? His favorite saying was: “Oh No!” .. then something dramatic usually happened to him.

End of Summer

Well, that’s a little of how I feel when I realize that summer is over and it’s time to prepare for the year end activities!

CT headshot-Sunglasses

Here at YS Tech USA, we hope your summer vacations were as enjoyable as ours, but as they say, “all good things must come to an end” – I’m not sure why “they” say that, but I suppose it’s true. Time to put away the “chrome shades”  and begin thinking about all the activities needing attention in order to prepare for year end and the coming New Year!

Fourth Quarter is just a month away and all you seasoned salespeople know what that means .. year end order and delivery planning as well as 2016 forecasting!


I recommend you plan on getting in front of  your cooling solution customers as frequently as possible throughout the remaining months in 2015 and determine      if they’ve had the opportunity to see and purchase all the various products offered by YS Tech!

For Instance:

  1. Are they aware we have on-shore Engineering and design assistance? (see Oct 2013 Blog).
  2. If Project level support is needed, we offer turn-key solutions. (see Feb 2013 Blog).
  3. What if product space is VERY limited and they require a high-performance fan? We have high-performance cooling fans starting at 36mm. Not too many other choices than YS Tech! (see Jan 2014 Blog)
  4. How about those unglamorous and easily over-looked accessory needs? (see Nov 2012 Blog)

I don’t mean to burn up your sales time in re-reading my previous Blogs, but a lot of the time reminders are good to refresh the memory and get those “sales juices” really going.

For example, remember the Blog about EXTRUSIONS? (see Oct 2014). That Blog

Aluminium extrusion

ended with pointing out the fact that Heat sinks are just [usually] an EXTRUSION which has subsequent machine operations performed on it! The point is an EXTRUSION does not have to end up being a heat sink. Extrusion use in products are to be found all over the place!

Have you been able to win any EXTRUSION business yet?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call … you know where to find me!