I know what you’re thinking, Charlie has finally went off the rails, using a description like BOUTIQUE to describe YS Tech’s capabilities and offerings in the niche category of: COOLING.

Well, I’m not going to claim the 5th, but in an attempt to defend myself (and hold the guys with the straight-jacket at bay), it might surprise you guys to find out that a boutique is more than a dress shop. In French the original meaning was, “SHOP”, and even before that, in the Greek, it was. “STOREHOUSE”.

So, where does that take us? Shop, where ‘things’ are made and sold.  And storehouse, where things are inventoried and shipped from. See, I’m not crazy (well, maybe I still am, but not for calling the YS Tech Cooling Solutions division a boutique!). It actually makes perfect sense … allow me to expand:

If you have taken me on sales calls, you have probably heard me say that ‘we’ aren’t and can’t be all things to all customers.  That was even truer in the past than it is now.

  • But, and you also know this, for the various markets we have chosen to be in (telecommunications, refrigeration and heating products, automotive, audio, air and water purifiers, cleaners and beverage machines) we are only doing one thing – solving HEAT problems!
  • Starting with a HEAT challenge at your customer’s Engineering department – YOU have the capability of providing a SOLUTION of: a detailed examination of the problem, with detailed recommendation and DESIGN if needed, fan(s), heat sink, heat pipes, fan tray(s), and most any level of sub-assembly or assembly your customer would like!
  • In order to speed up the process and save your customers money, we will NOT re-invent the wheel. The first thing we’ll look at is, have we done something similar already? If so, that’s where we start. As you may realize, some of our (current) products once started as customer-specific specials.
  • Let’s say we develop a solution for one of your customers, design it, prototype it, sample it and it functions as required … then what? I’m glad you asked! We also have the installed infrastructure to support your customers supply chain needs. We can stock off-shore. We can stock in California. We can even drop ship anywhere in the world.
  • What if the customer design changes after approval? We have you covered here, too! The same Engineering team will be available to support these changes as needed. We just need the channels of communication supported by you to be certain everyone is on the same page.
  • And finally, do you have a doubting-Thomas Engineer or Engineering Manager who wants to SEE the factory and meet the YS Engineers … guess what? No problem! I’m in the factory(s) every year and scheduling a trip for your customer is welcome.


Seems to me THAT is the definition of one stop-shopping for you and your customers.


I think some of you expert Thermal Solutions sales people know all this, it’s just easier said than done sometimes, right?  Well, and you have heard me say this before – if you need some


backup – that’s where I come into the picture. If time is short, call me … I’m pretty good over the phone and can talk Tech with most Thermal Engineers I’ve met. If the Engineer on the other end of the line is skeptical because he’s not heard of us, I can provide supporting information showing we know what we’re doing, that we are not some start-up and that we actually do have the expertise and tools to provide any level of project completion needed.


Humm .. my phone is ringing. Is that YOU calling?

©Scott Adams