As you know, YS Tech USA has begun offering complete THERMAL SOLUTIONS. If you are unfamiliar with the term, let’s explore just what it means.

In the simplest instance, just a FAN can be a THERMAL SOLUTION. [we discussed fans and fan terminations last time].  If the application of a fan will eliminate the offending heat, then that is the SOLUTION. However, when just the fan is not enough to remove the heat in the system to an acceptable level, then the next step typically is the addition of a HEAT SINK. YS Tech USA offers the following types of HEAT SINKS: Extruded, Vapor Chambers, Skived, high-aspect ratio and “fan heat sinks” [the last intended only to be used WITH a fan attached].

These TERMS may be a little scary to begin with, but don’t be too bothered by that just now. The IMPORTANT thing to remember is that we can offer a COMPLETE solution for your customers. In future discussions we will explain the detail differences of the heat sink technologies. Standby for that …

When your customer indicates something more than a fan (or fans) are going to be needed, that’s your opening to inquire what they might have in mind. Their answer may be filled with completely foreign sounding descriptions such as: cold plate, heat pipes, or some other term.  In the beginning for some of you, the response might as well be in Greek. But, not to worry, just jot down what you can and be sure to ask for any existing specifications [drawings] they may already have and get this information to me.  We’ll work with your customer to do our best to provide them the thermal solutions technologies they need.

I’m traveling to China the 2nd week of December and will have a first-hand opportunity to review our current capabilities and forthcoming new offerings. I’ll be sure to share all this info with you in the near future.

In the meantime, don’t forget the Chinese New Year is Feb 9th thru Feb 23rd, and in order to avoid possible product delivery delays in January-February-March and afterwards, help your customers get first quarter delivery orders on the books.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year .. !