CTFanman discusses the up-graded YW40x10mm model fan.

All right, I promised to provide more information on the up-graded 40x10mm YW series model, so here we go:

As you cooling fan experts know, the YW 40x10mm series is an unassuming, small cooling fan that will provide just enough air flow to keep electronics cool at a very quiet dB level, in a small package. Only the BS models, turning at 7500 RPM even break 30 dB [for a point of reference, a spinning washer is above 50dB]. Something else you have learned in all your sales experiences is that small, slow turning, usually equals lower CFM and Pressure values. Therein lies the challenge, how to put MORE in a small package.

The YS Tech Engineers have done just that! The YW04010012BSS-5 model expands the series range to over 9 CFM and pressure at 0.24 InH2O, AND they were able to keep the sound levels well BELOW 40 dB. All this includes dual ball-bearings and Tach monitoring.

YW04010012BSS-5 CURVE

You may be thinking something has to be given up to get the higher performance, like maybe longevity? But no! Using dual ball bearings provides the stability required to keep this little guy turning at 8500 RPM for at least 65,000 hours.

The full specs are available for your review, all you need to do is let us know and we will get a copy to you asap. Samples are available too, so send in your sample requests today!

I’m temped to label this model up-grade Mighty Mite, but that would be premature because I have to reserve that honor for ANOTHER new product we will be introducing next. That forthcoming fan is even smaller than 40mm, has over 2.5 times the CFM and over 10 times the Pressure of this YW model! No, it’s NOT a miniature jet engine, it’s a real axial fan with rotor(s), there’s a hint!

Curious, I hope so because it’s really going to be exciting – stay tuned!

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