YS Tech USA and CTfanman announce the XYW36x28

As promised, this time we are introducing another of our new products that I know some of you guys have been hoping for. And that would be our latest small ultra high performance fan, the XYW036028BH-S-12.

Notice it is a 36mm cooling fan! With the performance we will be covering, a bit of a rarity in the Industry. You experts have probably already connected the dots and figured out that for your 1U customers, a 38mm fan will [just barely] fit within the height restricted 1U chassis. But, a hot-swappable FRU [Field Replaceable Unit] is out of the question because of those restrictions. With the 36mm height and blazing performance, the new XYW36mm fan is just the ticket!

Lets let this new small cooling fan’s PERFORMANCE speak for itself, here are the BASICS:

36x28 pg 2 vitals - small

Notice the RPM, one of the highest currently available [there’s little competition]. And the dual ball bearing system keeps it spinning for 60,000 hours [6.8 years!] – guaranteed. Along with the basics it also comes as standard equipment: a speed sensor [Tach] with the typical ease of connection, AND [are you ready for this] PWM speed control! Check it out:

36x28 pg 5 PWM

Here’s the Frequency:

36x28 pg 5 PWM freq




Of course the BASICS are at full RPM and 100% Duty Cycle.

So let’s REVIEW what we have discovered so far: the XYW36x28 is an ultra-high performance fan model, spinning at a nominal 22K RPM, is supported by dual ball-bearings, has locked rotor and polarity protection, a Tach option, and is PWM controllable! Sounds like our Engineers, “hit it out of the park” on this one!

I’m not done yet! Wait until you see the PERFORMANCE CURVE, it’s a bit unusual, having a very steep incline [lower-right to upper-left] that enables this little jewel to deliver 45mmH2O (1.8”) of PRESSURE at 15CFM. This effectively moves the operating “sweet-spot” way up the [pressure] curve. Look at this:

36x28 pg 6 perf

We think your sharp  design Engineers will immediately know how to best utilize this advantageous feature of the new 36x28mm. I can’t wait to see what you cooling fan experts are able to get out of your designers.

Full preliminary specs are available now and you may turn-in your sample requests and I’ll get those coming in as soon as possible.

We’re very excited about this newest design success at YS Tech USA and look forward to all your inquiries!

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