YS Tech presents new high-performance HYW 80x25mm models

Again this month we are introducing a newly re-engineered and up-graded cooling fan series, the HYW08025012/24/48. Some of the speed options available are: (2 Ball),L,M,H,S,SS.

Over the years we’ve detailed other server cooling fans (primarily where this model is used also) and one in particular is very high performance, but it’s 32mm thick. This new model HYW is 25mm thick. If your customer does not have the room, or if they have been using some of the other YS models in this size, but require a performance up-grade .. this is “your fan”!

To keep things simple and easy I’ve pulled one model from the HYW08025 spec and placed it on top in the chart below. All compared models are 2Ball bearing systems and 12 volt. There are slight differences in a few parameters with different voltage models, but for the purpose of this simplified discussion, we’ll let those slide.

Keeping in mind the speeds shown are not the fastest we offer by any means, but again, this is a 25mm fan turning at a very moderate RPM.

Prefix Speed  (RPM) CFM Pressure  (mm-H₂O) Watts  (V x A) dB  (A)
HYW 6200 80.0 17.2 7.20 53.5
YW 3300 48.5 3.8 3.12 37.0
EYW 3500 54.5 5.9 3.60 38.7
NYW 5500 64.1 12.5 6.0 48.0

Notice the improvement of the new HYW in: CFM and Pressure! This was achieved by designing a new motor and rotor. You experienced Sales Engineers will immediately notice the moderate RPM increase (~12%) providing a corresponding increase in performance with a slightly less increase in dB(A).

Here is the point of this Blog (besides the information) if you are selling 80x25mm models to a customer, currently. You will do your customer a favor by presenting (him/her/them) with this new model opportunity! Our customers who needed this model up-grade are very satisfied with the performance improvement and as always YS Tech USA is price competitive.

Contact Us for More Information on the New 80x 25 DC Fan Model

If you need the full spec, contact me (or Mike) and we’ll send it out. We will be placing these new models on our website in the near future.