YS Tech Thermal Solutions Div, offers EXTREME customer support!

A couple years ago (how time flies!) I wrote about the in-house design, modeling and prototyping capabilities of our Thermal Solutions Division. Since then, we have been doing some amazing stuff with excellent results for EXTREME support of our customers.

As you recall the Thermal Solutions Division of YS Tech USA focuses on heat sink fabrication and cooler manufacturing. Their catalog is not huge because they prefer to work with customers and assist in providing a complete Thermal Solution, not a catalog of components. As has probably already occurred to you sharp sales people; with YS having access to all types of fans, heat sinks [of various technologies] and the capability of integrating the components in-house, this is a powerful sales tool which can be offered to your customers!

But, it may have also occurred to you guys that some of your customers are running very lean on personnel and although they have need for a Thermal Solution, they don’t have the Thermal Engineering expertise or experience to support the requirements. Not to mention the Thermal Design software needed these days to shorten the development cycle. But, not to worry, YS Tech USA has you covered here too!

Calling upon the in-house Design expertise of the Thermal Solutions Div., we offer Design and Development services

CAD Logo

which in the end are capable of providing testable prototypes to your customer, all in a matter of weeks. This is made possible because of the factory’s investment in CAD and state-of-the-art Thermal Design software [CFD].

The factory will take your customers 3D rendering of their system and design a Solution best fitting the circumstances. Once the CAD design is completed and approved by

Thermal Simulation

your customer, the factory then conducts Thermal analysis of the design using specialized software like: FloTHERM® 9.1 and  Nika EFD.Pro 8. If the design proves itself in simulation and the customer is satisfied to this point, then the factory will manufacture a mockup or prototype for further testing.

The Mockup is thoroughly tested at the factory to confirm the design and then made available to your

Mockup Icon

customer for final testing [if needed] and approval.


Here are a couple mockup/product examples of recent Thermal Solutions Division activities:

heater assembly 2

YSTech HS1 1-2015

Left: as you experts can probably

tell this solution is designed  to

remove heat from components and

exhaust it via the heat sink (on the left).

   Right: this unit functions opposite of the other one.   It produces  HEAT (via heaters under the Heat Sink)   and YS Tech fans blow it  where it’s wanted.

As you can tell YS Tech’s Thermal Solutions Division is serious about offering turn-key Engineering and Design services to YOUR customers. It’s their chosen focus … custom product development! Not something most off-shore manufacturers are interested in. If this service sounds like something some of your customers could take advantage of be sure to give me a call and let’s discuss the possibilities.