YS Tech USA and CTfanman continue “easier sales” – don’t miss it!

As we learned last time, Inventory Management on behalf of your customer can make your sales easier. This time we will continue with “Easier Sales” by discussing the ease of up-selling your customer from just a fan to;  a TERMINATED fan, a fan and a POWER CORD, a fan and a GUARD and/or a HEAT SINK!

As you already know, none of your customers uses just a FAN. They ALWAYS need to have power to that fan, and that means terminating the wires already on the fan or a power cord. In order to better service your customers, even in the instance of samples, make it a point to ask how they would like the fan terminated. The wire length, the connector manufacturer and PN, and the pin-out are all you need to provide an immediately usable fan upon delivery. If the fan has TERMINALS, then they will need a POWER CORD – be sure to use the website as a reference to choose the right one for your customer.

Depending on your customer’s design, the fan is usually placed internal to the chassis and the intake is covered with sheet metal having venting slots or just a hole approximately the diameter of the fan. In the instance of a hole, that’s when you have the opportunity to offer a GUARD. Sometimes there is not room inside for the fan, and it has to be mounted on the outside. A guard is needed there for sure! Again, use the website for reference, it provides GUARD details that can help you with the up-sell.

The last up-sell we are going to discuss this time are HEAT SINKS. Heat sinks may be new to some of you, but you don’t have to be afraid of not knowing all the correct terms relating to them. If you’re sitting in front of the customer, as before, use the website for reference to help answer questions. Better yet, if the customer has a spec drawing of what they want, ask for a copy and just send it to me for processing. Be sure to ask about samples or pre-production needs, the time frame and as many production details as are available.

You probably have encountered the infamous, “we are reducing our vendor base” reasoning from your customers and usually that can be a deal-killer. Perhaps reminding them that one supplier providing a terminated fan/fan and power cord, a guard and/or a heat sink may help ease their supplier-count jitters …