NEW Centrifugal Blower Model: BW09733012BU

I have a special treat for all this month! It’s been a while since we introduced a new BLOWER model, but that’s what I have for you.

Introducing the YS Tech BM09733012BU-EAV-12 Blower; it is a 97mm x 33mm, 12VDC model which compares very favorably with the Japanese products. More on that later.

You experienced Sales Engineers know how YS Engineering operates .. when a customer need is identified the product is either upgraded to satisfy the requirement or an entirely new model is designed. Which is the case for this new model.

Brushless Blower Comparison


This new BW09733012BU-EAV-12 model does not look that much different from the existing model on our website (see it here: ), but here are some highlights of the improvements:

These improvements are accomplished while maintaining the same LIFE (which, BTW is 25% LONGER than the Japanese competition). Here’s a quick look at their specs:

Now, as you might expect these additional capabilities come at a bit of a cost of: power consumption in AMPs and noise level. So chances are unless the customer can quiet the new model in an enclosure, these new models will probably not be used in auto interiors as our last new model Blowers were (ref that Blog: ). But then again, since the new model has PWM, the CFM / Pressure / dB(A) can be changed via duty cycle (figures stated are at MAX RPM) which may bring it back into the running for a ‘quiet’ application.

In summary, we have another competition fighting new model from YS Tech Engineering where you can take it to your customers using the Japanese models and ask them to give it a test. Preliminary specs are available and I (or Mike) can get you samples.

Contact us for more information!