For all you seasoned Sales Engineers that have an automotive design group in your territory, I have a special treat for you this month!

Announcing the: BW07820mm and BW10025mm BLOWERS!

These new blowers were specifically designed for the automotive interior environment (i.e., heating and cooling of the seats, etc.). These blowers are brand new and are in the process of getting their approvals from UL, CUL and TUV. But, give me a call and I can provide Preliminary Specifications.

Here are the basic dimensions:

As you can see, they are similar in design, but naturally the 10025 is larger. Of course these blowers will be a valuable addition to any equipment design activity, not just automotive interiors. And as you might guess, being designed for automotive interior use dictates they are quiet! Both being at 53 dBA or below (which is much lower than typical conversational speech).

Even though they are considerably different in size, the 7820 leads in pressure (mm-H₂O), but the 10025 leads in CFM. All the advantageous specifications you are accustomed to from YS Tech are also present: Life (65000 hrs), locked rotor, polarity protection, wide range of operating voltages and PWM.

If you have not yet had experience with blowers, below is the basic difference between our typical axial fans and blowers. As you can see, the main difference is where the inlet is and where the outlet is.

If you have questions on anything here, please drop me an eMail or give me a call at the Office. I’ll be glad to cover any questions you may have. Be sure to mention sample availability!