YS Tech USA focuses on 1U applications with the XYW36x28mm fan

WANTED: alive and kicking design Engineers needing Max cooling performance in the smallest package possible!

As all you expert cooling fan salespeople remember, we discussed YS Tech’s 1U fan offering back in January. In that Blog we offered the 40×28, 38×28 and the 36x28mm fans – all of which are 1U compatible, depending on where the designer places the fan.

This time, we are FOCUSING on the 36x28mm fan because this

FD3628 fan w-logo

little guy affords the most ‘wiggle’ room within a 1U chassis. The 1U chassis is 1.75in (44.45mm) in total height. Once the chassis material is subtracted (top/bottom), there is still over five (5) mm left to compensate for tolerances (and that ‘wiggle’ room previously mentioned).

Salespeople, this is a big deal! Space is always at a premium inside electronics chassis these days, it seems. AND, currently your published competition is minimal, with only Sanyo Denki and AVE with similar published offerings. Here’s how they compare:

YS Tech 36x28mm 12 23000 24.99mm 65.09mm 63
AVC 36x28mm 12 not published 19.75mm 53.25mm 58
Sanyo 36x25mm 12 19000 19.4mm 53mm 58

As you can see, your offering is far more powerful with over 20% INCREASE in both Pressure and CFM over the competition and only an 8% increase in noise. That’s not a bad trade off, even if your designer is sensitive of noise.

I’ve only used one of four (4) available YS Tech fan models [the SS speed model] – no one else offers this selection!

You experienced Sales Engineers know full well designers love their headroom and try to design-in as much as possible. With the YS Tech fan offering this level of increased performance, they can even request the YS product with options such as: Thermistor, Tach and PWM … to provide even greater flexibility, only operating the cooling fan at the minimum required RPM to get the job done! Saving on wear and tear / power used / and noise.

You can find the 36x28mm models in the new Produce Guide for 2014, page 16, where all the models are listed.

This series has been in production for a while now and is readily available for sampling. All you need to do is give me a call [and/or fill out a sample request] to get your sample order processed.

Can’t wait to hear from you …