YS Tech USA keeping things cool as the weather heats up!

As the summer heats up are YOU staying cool? You say, ‘well ya I am, but what does that have to do with YS Tech USA”? As it turns out, it has a LOT to do with one of the new focus’s at YS Tech … mainly the WHITE GOODS and home appliance industries!

Power AC Fan Green & Smart Technology Logo

If you have been keeping up with our Blogs, you’ll remember last month we talked about the new EC fan from YS Tech the [ ] and where that offering fits into your sales opportunities. For a quick review, go here: https://www.ystechusa.com/ec-motor/

The EC fan will open up light Industrial applications for the YS Tech products with it’s “Smart & Green Technology” capabilities. End products such as food store Refrigerated Cabinets Refrigerated cabinet

are now a candidate for YOUR products! OK, so food cooling cabinets may not be very sexy, but good business is where you find it! You can imagine all the government regs on this type of appliance, once YOU’RE approved as a vendor, you will most likely have that business for years. How’s that ‘ole cabinet looking now?

EC fans are popular because they are “SMART” and are very efficient at performing their duties. But that’s not all YS can offer for these industrial applications. Take Dishwashers, for example. They don’t need a fan as large as the EC fan to do the required job. One of our AC box fans will do the job. And depending on the placement requirements, we already have IP approved cooling fans to protect against debris and moisture [refer to the 4-16-15 Blog, IP Qualified Fans], The same goes for other applications, such as Water and Air purifiers, Coffee machines and even flat-top Ranges! YS has qualified fans for all these.

We’ve done a lot of talking about fans, but you experienced Sales Engineers know that fans don’t necessarily do all the cooling – HEAT SINKS cool also (as you know, ‘cool’ is a relative term!). Last fall we did a Blog on EXTRUSIONS [10-23-14] and how we are surrounded with products based on an EXTRUSION. In a lot of cases, a heat sink starts out as an extrusion, and then is processed into the requirements. As you will recall from past Blogs, YS Tech Thermal Solutions can offer most any configuration from a SIMPLE heat sink heat sinkto something with a bunch of Engineering and Test involved, like this one:

heat sink

I think the main trick is to keep the idea of you offering EXTRUSIONS and HEAT SINKS in front of your customers until they finally get the idea. No, you won’t just hand them an expensive catalog … you’ll be able to offer much more than that!

An entirely Designed, Engineered, Prototyped and DELIVERED first article for final approval. Now that’s capability that separates the “men from the boys” sort of speak!