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New Products

  • AC to DC fan

    Traditional AC Fan (especially for the sizes 80mm and 92mm) due to the limitation on its motor structure, it was impossible to increase the airflow volume without compromise to acoustic noise levels and power consumption.

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  • IP67 FANS

    Ingress Protection or simply IP protection is becoming more common in the market place as fans are being designed into more applications that are exposed to elements that can be very punishing.

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  • 60x25mm W-Series Low
    Power Model

    A new generation of 6025mm fan is born, utilizing CFD modeling technology to design brand new blades with new starter & new driving circuit.

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  • 60 X 25mm DC Dual Intake Blower

    YS Tech USA manufactures custom blower fans and industrial blowers in depths from 50mm to 120mm. Industrial blowers are typically centrifugal blowers, as opposed to axial flow fans, and use wheels rather than propellers to intake air.

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  • 6in DC Fan

    Our new 6in DC fan is in final development stages now. This model has been designed to operate at 12, 24 and 48VDC ranging from 250-460cfm and achieve an amazing 15-57mm H20 of static pressure.

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  • Xtreme Series

    YS TECH’s Extreme Series has a broad offering of frame sizes with high airflow & static pressure ratings typically seen in blowers. With highend features such as brass bearing/motor mount, larger bearings and heavy duty construction providing a robust solution for your application.

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  • Sintetico Bearings

    Y.S Tech’s new Sintetico bearing is designed to offer greater reliability than traditional sleeve bearing systems. Many mechanical upgrades and design features enable us to offer up to 50,000 hrs of life at elevated temperatures as well as great sound quality.

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  • S-Series DC Fans

    The new S Series is the latest development by YS TECH, state of the art motor simulation software and CFD optimization have been utilized to come up with a new series of fans that have very low current draw, high rpm, high pressure and long life characteristics.

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  • E-Series Quiet Fans

    The new E series has been developed for applications today that require 24/7 operation and very low noise characteristics. YS TECH has utilized CFD simulation technology to optimize the flow and pressure ratings while greatly improving the sound quality.

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