E Class Extreme Series 12038mm

Our new EYW12038 – Series Fan was developed using Computational fluid dynamic and state of the art motor simulation software to achieve exceptionally high static pressure output at far lower current draws that would be typical of a fan of this class. This fan can be used in a wide variety of high demand applications such as Industrial and Telecom where high output, high efficiency, and extreme longevity are essential. Fans in this series use four pole motor design which allows us to provide these features at a very aggressive price point.

The series was designed to offer very robust operating points, the following data shows the new and improved performance in comparison to our key competitors:

MFG Part Number Dimension Input Voltage Bearing Type RPM Airflow CPM Air Pressure
YS Tech EYW12038048BS 120x120x38 48V ball 7000 275.6 2.36
Delta PFB1248UHE 120x120x38 48V ball 5500 252.85 1.41
Sanyo Denki 9GV1248P1J01 120x120x38 48V ball 6400 224 1.45

The options available with this series are two and three wire models with tach and alarm features. Four wire models with PWM control, integrated thermistors, and ruggedized versions (IPX4 up to IP67).

Customized connectors and fan trays are available. Please contact your local sales representative if you have any questions or require samples.  Click here for a listing.

For the catalog, click here.