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Cross flow fans are designed for both commercial and industrial applications. We offer both industrial DC cross flow fans and industrial AC cross flow fans, with the right options and flow rates for a broad array of application, from air curtains to HVAC systems to cooling electronic devices.

We can provide customized DC cross flow or AC cross flow fans that are tailored to your specific requirements.

What is A “Cross Flow Fan”?

Cross flow fans, also known as tangential fans or tubular fans, are used extensively in electronics and related applications; household tower fans are also cross flow fans. This design is popular thanks to its compact footprint, shape, low noise, and ability to provide a high pressure coefficient. Cross flow fans are also easily scalable to fit available space, and the length can be readily adjusted to meet flow rate requirements.

This type of fan generally consists of an impeller with forward-curved blades, inside a housing with a rear wall and a vortex wall. The main airflow moves transversely across the impeller, and therefore passes the blades twice. Cross flow fans are generally longer in relation to their diameter, and the airflow remains more or less two-dimensional from the ends.

High Performance Custom Cross Flow Fans

We manufacture low noise cross flow fans with blower wheels from 25mm to 150mm in diameter, and in lengths from 50mm to 1,150mm. Thanks to their compact footprints, our cross flow fans are ideal for applications where space is limited. With their reliable, consistent performance, our cross flow fans are also extremely well-suited to applications requiring a broad, uniform flow of air.

Manufactured from aluminum alloy materials, our DC cross flow and AC cross flow fans are very lightweight, resistant to extreme temperatures, and produce very little vibration. Blower wheels are designed to minimize vibration resonance, and can easily be modified to your specifications.

Flow Rate Options for DC Cross Flow Fanswholesale cross flow fans

Flow Rate Options for AC Cross Flow Fans

100 CFM to 3,000 CFM models are available as custom devices. Contact YS Tech USA to discuss high output cross flow fans.

Cross Flow Fan Features & Options

  • Ball bearings or sleeve bearings
  • Class E insulation
  • Motor options: AC shaded pole, AC capacitor, DC brushless
  • Metal frame with aluminum rotor
  • Lead wire connection
  • Value-added features available
  • Industrial blower models

Contact Us for Wholesale Cross Flow Fans & More

All YS Tech cross flow fans are built with Innovation, Quality, and Efficiency in mind. We have the AC cross flow fan or DC cross flow fan your application requires. Contact us or find your local distributor to place an order or to learn more about our cross flow fans.

We also offer DC fans, heatsinks, AC fans, DC brushless blowers, and more.

NOTE: We also have industrial cross flow blowers available that range from 100cfm to -3000 cfm. Please inquire about them directly through our website or Industrial Blower Distributors.

Contact YS TECH or your local sales representative to develop a custom industrial blower fan.