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120mm DC fans operate on a direct current and generate variable airflow in a single direction. They provide high efficiency in a small design and are used to cool telecommunications equipment, automotive components, medical equipment, and other machinery and components.

DC fans operate on a lower voltage than AC fans and are therefore more energy efficient. They also have a quieter operation that makes them ideal for applications requiring minimal noise. Considerations when selecting a 120mm DC fan versus an AC fan are that DC fans cannot provide constant, even airflow and require a transformer to connect to a power source.

120MM Brushless DC Fans for Reliable Cooling

Y.S. Tech U.S.A. is a 120mm DC fan manufacturer that uses state-of-the-art technology to create high performance products with outstanding longevity. We offer 120mm quiet cooling DC fans in several options providing airflow up to 315.3 CFM and speeds up to 7000 RPM. Standard features for our 120mm DC axial fans include UL 94V-0 P.B.T. thermoplastic blades and housing, UL 1007 #22 AWG lead wire, and precision bearings. We can also work with you to create customized 120mm case fans for unique applications.

Request a quote for the 120mm case fan that meets your size requirements or contact us to discuss customization options.

Request a Quote for 120mm DC Fans

Y.S. Tech U.S.A. manufactures 120mm direct current DC fans in serval models to meet your cooling requirements. Request a quote today or contact us to learn more about our other DC fan options in sizes ranging from 25mm to 172mm.

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