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140MM Brushless DC Cooling Fans

Designed for small enclosure thermal management applications, 140mm DC fans provide the quiet operation you want without sacrificing performance. The brushless DC motor offers high-powered cooling while using low voltage for energy efficiency. Precision steel bearings ensure smooth, consistent operation with minimal noise.

Use 140mm DC cooling fans in PC cases, PC towers, and other electronics or gaming devices requiring high power, low-noise thermal management. Static pressure and airflow vary by model. Select from the options below to view the full product specifications.

Compact High-Powered DC Cooling Fans

140mm brushless DC cooling fans deliver variable airflow for cooling electronic devices of all types.   Our low noise DC fans are compact and constructed of lightweight UL 94V-0 P.B.T. blades and housings with precision steel bearings and UL1061 #24 AWG wire.

Manufacturers trust our compact, low noise fans to perform reliably across a range of applications, including automotive, medical, and power conversion and storage. We offer a broad selection of standard DC fan sizes and engineer custom solutions to solve your cooling challenges.

Submit a quote request or find a distributor near you to order our standard 140mm DC fans. If you have additional questions or need a customized DC cooling fan, please contact us.

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