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For durable, energy-saving cooling technology, DC fans provide the perfect solution. Used in a variety of industrial applications, these fans high quality bearings and state of the art mechanical designs to ensure optimal performance with less noise. YS Tech designs and manufactures 38mm DC fans that are ideal for power supplies and 1U telecom rack-mounted server applications.

Efficient 36mm Brushless DC Fan for Power Supply and Server Applications

38mm Brushless DC fans provide quiet, efficient cooling performance, especially for industrial power supply and server applications. The energy-efficient design also allows the fans to last longer than other cooling options. In addition to our 36mm DC cooling fan, we also manufacture 36mm DC fans to meet your industry needs.

Request a Quote for 36mm DC Cooling Fans Today

At YS Tech USA, we manufacture optimal, energy-efficient DC cooling fans in a variety of sizes to meet all your industrial application needs. Request a quote today or contact us to learn more about our 38mm DC fans.

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