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DC fans provide cooling by moving warm air and replacing it with cooler air. They provide non-variable airflow and operating using a direct current that requires less energy than other types of fans. DC fans are used across various industries in components ranging from computer servers and heat exchangers to solar panels and automotive applications.

In heat exchangers, DC fans are used to provide variable airflow that dissipates heat for cooling and temperature regulation. Before selecting a heat exchanger fan, you will need to determine your system’s airflow requirements, system impedance or airflow resistance, power requirements, and whether you require continuous or variable airflow. Acoustic noise specifications are also important, especially for applications where the DC fan will be in close proximity to workers.

Heat Exchanger DC Fans for Industrial Cooling Applications

Y.S. Tech’s DC fans provide high efficiency and are made from durable materials that are designed to last. All fans feature UL 94V-0 P.B.T blades and housing with UL1007 AWG lead wire. Bearing styles depend on the model selected and include 2-ball bearings, Sintetico bearings, or sleeve bearings.

Benefits of DC fans are that they are quiet, consume up to 70% less power than other fans, and typically have a longer usable life. They also provide lower levels of radio frequency and electromagnetic interference for applications involving sensitive components.

Select from our 60mm DC fan options below or browse our other size selections to find the right option for your heat exchanger application.  If you are unable to find the size you need, contact us to discuss options for custom DC fans.

Learn More About DC Fans for Heat Exchangers and More

Dc fans from Y.S. Tech are offered in several sizes to accommodate a wide range of temperature control applications. Our DC fans are ideal for cooling heat exchangers, automation equipment and other components. Request a quote for DC fans today or contact us to discuss customization.

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