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YS Tech has developed three new high performance fan series which are ideally suited for use in 1U rack applications. The star of the 1U fan selection is the 36mm series cooling fan. Immediately bolstered by the 38 and 40mm series. Each series offer unique placement opportunities within the 1U rack cooling fan application.

The YS Tech USA fan models which lend themselves to 1U rackmount use are: YW036028, XYW038028, XYW04028.

 When visiting with your Engineer and his main concern is height, then the 36mm model will best serve your initial sales efforts. You can discuss the fact that the 1U spec, being 1.75” [44.45mm, outside to outside] will even leave him enough height to design a FRU [Field Replaceable Unit] containing all the cooling fans, if he is leaning in that direction. Each 36mm fan will produce 24.16 CFM of air volume and 67.52 mm-H2O pressure. Here are a couple examples of what a FRU can look like:

FRU example2 120x76This is a SERIES FRU          Here’s a PARALLEL example: FRU example2 174x76                                                                 

BTW:  REMINDER, if your Engineer would like to use a 1U rackmount FRU concept, but does not have the time or experience to design it, be sure to let me know because our THERMAL SOLUTIONS factory will be happy to assist [see the 1-16-13 Blog for details]!

If your Engineer is not considering a FRU solution, then either the 38mm or the 40mm high-performance models are a great offering. The 38mm, having 21.99 CFM and over 86 mm-H2O pressure will make short work of those over stuffed 1U racks that I know all of you have seen. The really critical stat on this fan is the pressure figure. As you know, the tighter the interior of the chassis, the more force or pressure the fan must have to obtain the required circulation. With the size of the 38mm series, your Designer will be able to place the fans just about anywhere he wants to. Here’s an example where the fans are placed at mid-chassis!     1U Chassis w-fans 356x267

If the fan placement location does not need to be interior to the chassis, the 40mm series will be the cooling fan to offer. The particular model discussed here is the newest and highest performance model of the series, to date. But, the YS Tech 40x28mm model is the also the most established of the three models being discussed, and have numerous [rack, CPU and server] applications and design-wins already in the field. We are proud to offer this model with its track record of performance, longevity and cost competitiveness! This model reliably produces over 32 CFM of flow and an amazing 95 mm-H2O pressure! Because of its larger size, it is usually attached to the outside of the chassis, front or rear.

 An aspect of all these ideally suited 1U rack fan models not yet mentioned is they are also PWM compatible! They can be controlled to only provide the flow/pressure needed at any particular time! This helps to reduce power usage and increase longevity of the fan. A BIG selling point.

Note: Please keep in mind in all of these examples, the fan [wires] will require termination. Of course, I’ll be happy to provide value-added quotes for all your termination needs. This makes YOUR design win using YS Tech fans more stable and increases billings!

I hope this discussion has been interesting, informative and that you experienced 1U rackmount Cooling Solutions professionals will have many design wins utilizing these new high-performance cooling fans from YS Tech USA ….  

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