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Axial AC fans are a type of fan that blows air along the axis of the fan—that is, the fan’s curved blades force air to move in parallel with the shaft on which the blades rotate. These fans can produce variable airflow and create higher flow rates than centrifugal fans. Axial flow fans are quiet, provide minimal vibration, and do not require an AC/DC conversion for operation.

Cooling AC fan

Some of the typical applications for AC cooling fans include:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Manufacturing machines
  • White goods
  • Medical Devices
  • Refrigeration
  • Many more…

Wholesale Axial Flow Fans

We offer AC-powered, low noise, high flow fans in three “standard” size ranges, 80-92mm120-127mm, and 160-254mm. All AC fan models feature dual ball bearing construction to give you unbeatable reliability; AC fans with sleeve bearings are also available upon request.

  • 80-92mm AC Fans: provide an airflow range of up to 55.1 CFM depending on the model selected.
  • 120-127mm AC Fans: provide an airflow range of up to 108.0 CFM depending on the model selected.
  • 160-254mm AC Fans: provide an airflow range of up to 1424 CFM depending on the model selected.

High Airflow Axial Cooling Fans

YS Tech USA is a world-class designer and manufacturer of high-performance thermal management products and serves customers across a broad range of industries. Our industrial AC axial flow fans are manufactured from die-cast aluminum and UL94VO-rated thermoplastic. These lightweight, durable materials ensure that our AC fans last longer and perform better in any application.Wholesale AC Fan

Custom Axial AC Fans

YS Tech provides industrial axial flow fans in several standard sizes for a range of applications. We can also develop custom axial cooling fans with the IP rating, special assemblies, and other value-added features you need. Our engineers will work with you to develop an AC axial fan that meets your unique performance requirements.

Choosing the Right AC Axial Fan for Your Application

YS Tech USA uses five relatively simple questions to help customers find the best and most effective AC axial fan for their needs:

  1. Heat: How much heat do you need to dissipate (in watts)? The more heat a component generates, the more cooling you require. Before selecting a fan, you should create a thermal profile and assess your system’s air impedance and maximum permissible temperature.
  2. System Air Impedance: The structure and layout of your cooling system heavily impacts cooling efficiency. Obstructions and odd or irregular layout can impede airflow and require your fan to work harder to provide sufficient cooling. Impedance can also cause hot spots or overcooled areas. Thoroughly examining your cooling system will help you select an axial cooling fan that provides the right amount of airflow for your cooling needs.
  3. Noise: What are the acoustic specifications of your application? Variables such as fan design and speed, along with pressure, airflow, and the operating environment all impact noise and should be evaluated by your acoustic engineer. We manufacture all our axial AC fans to produce minimal noise for use in a range of applications and operating environments.
  4. Temperature Gradient: What is your system’s allowable temperature range? When there isn’t enough airflow, it creates temperature differences in various areas of your system. If the temperature rises too high in a specific area, it can damage equipment. Sufficient airflow is essential in preventing temperature gradients in your cooling application.
  5. Dimensions:  Micro cooling fans come in various sizes. If you are unable to find a standard fan with the dimensions you need, we can help you design a custom solution.

axial fanContact Us for Industrial Axial Cooling Fans

With our philosophy of Innovation, Quality, and Efficiency in mind, YS Tech USA delivers some of the longest lasting and most efficient axial AC fans on the market. Contact us or contact a distributor near you to place an order or to learn more about our low noise, high flow fans.

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