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AC cross flow fans, also known as cross flow blowers or tangential fans, have a rectangular shape and provide two-dimensional airflow that moves transversely throughout the length of the impeller. They feature forward-curved blades placed in a housing with a vortex wall and rear wall and have metal rotors and frames. They provide a high pressure coefficient and the compact shape of AC cross flow fans makes them ideal for applications with minimal space. AC cross flow fans also produce minimal noise and vibration, making them suitable for use in noise sensitive operating environments. High performance AC cross flow fans provide constant and even air flow and are used in commercial and food service applications to provide cooling and ventilation for equipment. Some of the common applications include:
  • Copier Fans
  • Printer Fans
  • Entertainment Lighting Fans
  • Food Service Equipment Fans

AC Cross Flow Fans for Printers and Other Commercial Applications

AC cross flow fans from Y.S. Tech U.S.A have a small footprint and provide high air flow for effective ventilation. Their flat and narrow design, ability to be mounted horizontally or vertically, and quiet operation make them a versatile option for electronics and other applications. Additional features and benefits of AC cross flow fans from Y.S. Tech include: We provide AC cross flow fans in 36-190 CFM and 20-223 CFM options and offer DC cross flow fans to meet a wide range of printer or copier fan requirements. Y.S. Tech U.S.A. also offers industrial blower motors and value-added features to modify your AC cross flow fan based on your specifications.

Contact Us to Discuss Your AC Cross Flow Fan Requirements

Contact Y.S. Tech U.S.A. to learn more about our cross flow fans or request a quote for an AC cross flow fan that meets your application requirements. We provide a range of DC and AC cross flow fans and offer value-added features for additional customization.

cross-flow-fan: 36 - 104 cfm

36 - 104 cfm

  • Model Number : CF50AC
  • Airflow : 36-104cfm
  • Static Pressure : 2.7-4.1mm H20
  • Voltage :110-230VAC
  • Ac crossflow series: » » CF50AC

61 - 90 cfm

  • Model Number : CF60AC
  • Airflow : : 61-190cfm
  • Static Pressure : 2.7-5.6mm H20
  • Voltage :110-230VAC
  • Ac crossflow series: » » CF60AC

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