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AC Crossflow 20-223 cfm

AC cross flow fans, also known as tangential fans, are long and rectangular fans that produce two-dimensional air flow and are used for various commercial and industrial applications. Cross flow fans are categorized by CFM, which represents the flow rate the fan delivers. AC cross flow fans are used for a range of electronics but can also be used in gas fireplaces and small appliances.

Determining Your Flow Rate Requirements

CFM stands for “cubic feet per minute” and refers to the amount of air volume moved by a fan blower. The larger the equipment, the more air flow you to provide enough cooling. Lack of sufficient ventilation can reduce the efficiency of cooling, which can cause overheating and impact the functionality of your equipment. Once you have determined the CFM you can use that value to select an AC cross flow fan that provides the proper flow rate to effectively cool the equipment. Standard AC cross flow fans are typically sufficient for most applications, though you may need to consider an upgrade to an industrial blower for applications requiring a substantially higher flow rate.

AC Cross Flow Fans for High Performance Applications

AC cross flow fans from Y.S. Tech U.S.A. are offered in CFM ranges for your convenience. Our 20-223 CFM AC cross flow fans supply flow rates up to 223 cubic feet per minute and provide the following features and benefits:
  • Durable metal frames and lightweight aluminum rotors
  • Option of sleeve bearings or ball bearings
  • Choice of an AC capacitor or AC shaded pole motor
  • Suitable for extreme temperature environments
  • Compact design requires less space
  • Smooth, quiet operation with minimal vibration
  • Lengths ranging from 50mm to 1,150mm
  • Fan blower wheel sizes from 25mm to 150mm

Request a Quote for Quiet and Efficient AC Cross Flow Fans

YS Tech U.S.A offers DC and AC cross flow fans in a range of CFM options to meet your air flow requirements. Request a quote today or contact us to discuss value-added features and industrial blower options for our cross flow fans.

cross-flow-fan: 36 - 104 cfm

36 - 104 cfm

  • Model Number: CFS60AC
  • Airflow: 201-223 cfm
  • Static Pressure: 1-11.5mm H20
  • Voltage: 110-230VAC
  • CFS: 60
  • AC Crossflow Series: » » CFS60AC

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