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DC cross flow fans are tubular fans with forward curved blades that move air transversely across the impeller to generate two-dimensional air flow. They provide a high pressure coefficient and are used for a range of applications including printers, copiers and electronics.

AC Fan Motors vs. DC Fan Motors

Cross flow fans are offered in AC and DC options that are similar in overall design but provide different benefits that should be considered before making a selection. So, what does AC and DC stand for and what are the differences?

AC stands for alternating current and describes electrical currents that move in a reverse direction. They provide an even and consistent airflow and are commonly used as a cooling component in household and commercial appliances.

DC stands for direct current and indicates electrical currents that flow in a single direction. Cross flow fans with DC motors contain built-in permanent magnets to attract and repel the rotor around the axis. They provide minimal electromagnetic interference which makes them ideal for use in computers and other electronics.

AC Fan Motors

  1. Higher energy consumption
  2. Noisier operation
  3. Connects directly to a power source to create movement
  4. Suitable for extreme temperature environments
  5. Provides constant airflow
  6. More electromagnetic interference

DC Fan Motors

  1. Use up to 70% less energy than AC fans
  2. Quieter operation
  3. Uses an AC power source that converts the power to DC to create movement
  4. Suitable for extreme temperature environments
  5. Provides more variable, uneven airflow
  6. Minimal electromagnetic interference
  7. Low voltage operation

DC Cross Flow Fans for Industrial and Commercial Applications

Y.S. Tech U.S.A. DC cross flow blower fans are made from durable metal frames with aluminum rotors and feature a compact and lightweight design for easy installation. They are built with quality and efficiency in mind and provide reliable and consistent performance for temperature control applications.

Additional features of our 7-54 CFM DC cross flow fans include:

  1. 25 mm to 150mm diameter blower wheels
  2. Available lengths ranging from 50mm to 1,150mm
  3. Minimal vibration and noise
  4. Resistance to extreme temperatures
  5. Option of ball bearings or sleeve bearings
  6. AC shaded pole or AC capacitor motor

Contact Us to Learn More About DC Cross Flow Fan Options

Y.S. Tech USA offers DC cross flow fans in 7-54 CFM and 21-79 CFM options to meet your industrial application requirements. Request a quote for your DC cross flow fan today or contact us to learn more about our industrial blower options and value-added features.

cross-flow-fan: CFS25 DC Series

CFS25 DC Series

  • Airflow :7.2-12.6 cfm
  • Static Pressure :1.2-1.7mm H20
  • Voltage : 12-24VDC
  • AC Crossflow Series : » » CFS25 DC

CFS30 DC Series

  • Airflow :21-54 cfm
  • Static Pressure :1-2.2mm H20
  • Voltage :12-24VDC
  • AC Crossflow Series : » » CFS30 DC

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