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YS Tech USA designs, engineers, and manufactures high quality, high performance DC fans and blowers. Our innovative brushless cross flow designs provide high efficiency and outstanding longevity, even in the most demanding thermal management applications.

DC Brushless Cross Flow Fans for All Applications

Our DC cross flow fans are commonly used to cool computer equipment and other sensitive electronics, and can be found in countless other applications across all commercial and industrial markets.

We know that no one fan design is right for every need, and with that in mind, we offer 25mm, 30mm, 36mm, 38mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 92mm, 120mm, and 172mm DC cross flow fan options. All models feature state-of-the-art technology and deliver exceptional performance and reliability, with low noise.

What’s the Difference Between DC Fans & AC Fans?

At the most basic level, the key difference between DC fans and AC fans is the type of electricity they use: direct current or alternating current. While direct current (DC) can only flow in one direction, alternating current (AC) can change direction quickly to maintain a more constant flow. Typically, AC fans operate on a higher voltage than DC fans; thus, they are better suited to high pressure or high airflow applications.

Size Options for DC Cross Flow Fans

Pros & Cons of DC Fans

  • Pro – lower power consumption: Up to 70% more efficient than AC fans
  • Pro – less electromagnetic interference (EMI): ideal for sensitive electronic devices
  • Pro – quieter operation: far less noise than AC fans
  • Con – variable flow: DC fans cannot provide the constant, even flow that AC fans can
  • Con – require a transformer: DC technology cannot be connected directly to a power source, necessitating the use of a transformer to convert AC electricity to DC

Pros & Cons of AC Fans

  • Pro – constant, even airflow: AC technology allows for consistent operation and airflow
  • Con – higher power consumption: though still quite efficient, AC fans do use more power than their DC counterparts
  • Con – louder operation: increased noise may be a nuisance in many applications
  • Con – more EMI: AC electricity generates more electromagnetic interference, which can cause problems for electronic devices

Features & Benefits of YS Tech USA DC Fans

  • Frame and housing manufactured from 94VO rated thermoplastic (PBT)
  • Dual ball bearing, Sintetico bearing, and sleeve bearing systems available
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM): 2-4 wire combinations available
  • Tachometer, alarm, thermistor, and many other features available
  • Working temperature range: -20° to 80°C (-4° to 176°F)
  • IP44, IP55, and IP67 environmental sealing available
  • Board voltage input ranges
  • Soft-start with very low inrush current
  • Start fan at any duty cycle when using PWM
  • Delayed start for hot swappable applications
  • Closed loop fan speed system enables variable voltage input with constant RPM output
  • Specific RPM profile can be built to voltage input
  • Tach options: square wave can be fixed to lock high or low for locked rotor condition
  • Optional low speed sensor alarm with preset RPM threshold
  • Optional open collector alarm: low pass/high fail or low fail/high pass
  • Multiple speed control options: analog, thermal, PWM (including custom profiles), frequency range, or linear

Custom DC Fans

YS Tech can provide custom DC fans that air tailored to your unique performance and application requirements. We offer a variety of value added features and options, and will work with you to develop the perfect DC cross flow fan for your cooling needs.

Contact Us for DC Fans & More

YS Tech’s DC fans are designed and built with Innovation, Quality, and Efficiency in mind. Whatever your application may be, we have the high performance DC cross flow fan you need. Contact us or find a distributor near you to place an order or to learn more about our DC fans.

We also offer heatsinks, DC brushless blowers, AC fans, , and more.

Contact YS TECH or your local sales representative to develop a custom industrial blower fan.