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Fan noise is an important consideration in thermal management applications. You need a DC fan that prevents overheating through effective cooling but doesn’t produce excessive noise. These concerns are especially relevant in applications where humans have close contact with the devices being cooled, such as medical, electronics, and automotive.

Our Highly Effective DC Fans Produce Minimal Noise

Y.S. Tech U.S.A. designs its DC fans to provide ample cooling while producing minimal noise. Our high-performance fans feature soft-start technology and operate at a maximum noise level of 57.2~73.1 dB(A) for our largest size (172mm). A brushless motor offers high efficiency and consistency, and the durable housing resists dust and moisture for reliable operation in a range of conditions.

We test our fans regularly to ensure they offer virtually silent operation without sacrificing power and airflow. Our broad selection of sizes means you’ll find an effective cooling solution for the smallest of handheld devices up to larger electronics. Our expertise spans a diverse range of industries, and clients often approach us to resolve their thermal management challenges.

Some of the industries that utilize our quiet DC fans in their products include:

  • Automotive: Reducing cabin noise is essential in the automotive industry. Quiet DC fans cool electronics effectively without contributing to unwanted noise.
  • Medical: Maintain patient and worker comfort by minimizing fan noise in breathing equipment, handheld devices, and diagnostic imaging machinery.
  • Alternative Energy: Facilities utilizing wind turbines and solar panels have entire rooms dedicated to housing battery packs, inverters, and other equipment. Help reduce noise in these operations with quiet DC fans.
  • Industrial: Keep noise levels down by using low noise DC fans in telecommunications equipment, electronics, exercise equipment, and more.
  • Entertainment Lighting: Entertainment settings can be loud, but all the noise shouldn’t be coming from our equipment. Effectively cool heat sinks, spotlights, and floodlights with quiet DC fans.

Get Virtually Soundless Cooling with Our High-Performance DC Fans

We offer standard DC fans in a range of standard sizes, along with prototyping and customization for unique applications. Our engineers will work with you to resolve complex cooling challenges and develop a solution that meets your needs. Find a distributor for our quiet DC fans or contact our team to discuss your thermal management project.