YS Tech USA & CTfanman review “Easier Sales”

The subject of this month’s Blog is “Easier Sales”. Now I realize probably most of you will consider “easier sales” a mutually exclusive set of terms! But, trust me it really doesn’t have to be.
In particular we’re discussing Inventory Management – one of those seemingly pie-in-the-sky idealistic goals that often is more elusive in practice than it should be. As you all know, we build our fans either in Taiwan or China, depending on the series/model. Each facility has a Standard turnaround. Notice I said “Standard”. Numerous items affect turnaround; component part delays, queue length, facility work load – to name a few. And if you’ve done any traveling in that region, you’ve noticed Taiwan is much more OPEN than China, and thus product movements are quite different.
When you field salesmen and women call in for an estimated delivery and getting the order depends on meeting the customers’ expectations, you want the delivery as requested. I’m sure you will agree, most of the time we can oblige. But on those occasions we can’t, if you can work with your customer and find out:

– What’s the minimum quantity needed? [additional setups could affect the pricing – if even possible]
– Will the customer accept air shipment costs? [This can trim 3 weeks or a little more off delivery. FYI:   typical “on-the-water time” is 4 weeks] ]
– Is it possible a substitute fan (with better delivery) would make-do, for the initial delivery?
– There are additional factors that affect delivery, but we’ll cover those another time.

I think you experienced salesmen and women get the idea – guide the customer to help you, help us provide what they want! Contacting me or my Inside Sales team with the above information will speed up and make EASIER this part of the process.
For reference, here are current STANDARD deliveries:

Models: YW, NYW and EYW series are made in CHINA. Delivery is 10 – 12 weeks
Models : XYW and BW series are made in Taiwan. Delivery is 8 – 10 weeks

Successfully navigating all the land-mines at the sales front end can be the toughest part. BUT get this – we are willing to STOCK and CONTROL inventory – STATE SIDE – for YOUR customers, all it takes is an accurate, rolling FORECAST! We want to differentiate ourselves in after-sales service & support from all the other cooling solutions choices out there.